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Tynemouth Computer Services were one of the pioneers of live update of results to the Internet as a rally took place. These pages provide an archive of results for recent events and older events; most of which were provduced by TCS; please be patient as we complete the coverage of the years 1974 to 2020. We hope in the fullness of time to expand the archive to include results from other sources. Lindisfarne results prior to 1974 are courtesy of the late Donald Tarbet.

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Contributors to this Archive
Martin Liddle, David A James, Ron Jackson, George Brown, Don Tarbet, Andrew Bodman, John Trevethick, Andrew Kellitt, Rob Pendleton, Peter Tokely, Andrew Haill, Chris Beddow, Roy Wadsley, Thomas Bradley, Jersey Rally Archive, Rob Lees, Gavin Heseltine, North Humberside Motor Club Archive, Steven Perry, Howard Wilcock, Dukeries Motor Club Rally Archive, Roger Sawyers, David AC Barnes, Steve Ward, Paul Veitch, David "Monty" Mountford, Mark Carrow, Jezz Macwhirter, Roger Allan, Paul Harvey, Nick Cunnington, Rob Lyall, Gerry Bryden, Paul Smith, Mike Williams, Somin Norwood, Peter Riddle, Roy Bell, Barry Lindsay, Rodney Burnman, Jeff Ledger, Sean Monaghan, Peter Barrett.

An archive of event and championship results going back to 1995 is maintained by David James at archive.djames.org.uk

An archive of results produced by North East Rally Services (Ron Jackson) using TCS software at NERS Archive 2003 to 2024

An archive of information (History, Results, Regulations, Press Reports etc) about the Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club Rally (Express and Star, Catrol, Pace Petroleum, Audi Sport, Elonex, Midland, Bulldog etc) by John Trevethick at WSSCC Rally Archive

An archive of all sorts of motorsport results including various types of rally by Dave Thomas (DVT) for ANWCC at ANWCC Archive

A history and archive of results for the Dukeries Rally by Howard Wilcock Dukeries Rally Archive

British Rally Driver Ranking Lists


Information on the Rally Drivers Ranking Lists that we produced between 2000 and 2005 can be found at Ranking Archive.